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Dover Youth Hockey Bingo!

 Sunday Game Times:  Doors open at noon;   2:30 Early Birds, 3:30 Carryover, 4:00 pm Regular Game – Regular Rip Tickets sell @ noon, Bonus Tickets @ 1:00 pm

Check out our additional Saturday Game Below!  Doors Open on Saturday @ 3:30 pm

NOTE:  Carryover Strips will not be sold after 6:30 pm on Saturday or 3:30 pm on Sunday!

Watch for Labor Day Weekend Special on Sunday,

September 3rd, 2017 – $3,000 Guaranteed on Carryover (if not previously won)


Check out the additional buying power on the computers

(Must buy pkg to play Early Birds and Carryover Game)

All Packages $10 –

See Below for Computer Special!

 Packages are sold up to 15 minutes after the beginning of the regular game session.  No Splitting of Packages  Computer Rentals $5.00 (WATCH for Specials) –

Sunday Game Sheet Below

Dover Youth Hockey Sunday Special #5

Sunday Jackpots and Bonuses

Ticket Bonus – Sundays only

Crazy B’s Bonus




Monkey in the Middle




Big Dogs                 8/20/17  $500

TURTLE 13’s –  8/20/17 Bonus $450.00


Paper Bonus & Jackpots


$20,000+/- 49#’s or less

1st WTA


$500  50 #’s or less

2nd WTA


$1000 50#’s or less


Saturdays in August

 August 26th – $15.00 first pkg then $10 after, see Computer sales special that night!

Long Shot Bonus $400


Sundays in August

Sunday, August 20th, Buy 3 pkgs @ $10 on computer and 1 @ $6.00 get free rental!

Sunday, August 27th,  – Buy 3 pkgs @ $10 on computer and 1 @ $6.00 get free rental! 








About Dover Youth Hockey
Dover Youth Hockey Association is a non-profit and volunteer organization founded in 1971. We provide ice hockey instruction and coaching to boys and girls, ages 4 to 18, in both recreational & competitive environments. Our mission is to develop fundamental ice hockey skills and a love of the sport. We promote team play, competitive spirit and good sportsmanship. To learn more about the organization visit: